Bees of The World (Families & Genera): A Modern Classification

This table lists the higher taxa of bees of the world by family, subfamilies, tribes and genera along with estimated numbers of described species. Genera are italicized and given in the right hand column. It is derived from numerous classifications but based upon the most recent work of Michener (2000).



Family Stenotritidae

Family Colletidae

Subfamily Colletinae

Subfamily Diphaglossinae

Tribe Caupolicanini

Tribe Diphaglossini Tribe Dissoglottini Subfamily Xeromelissinae

Tribe Chilicolini

Tribe Xeromelissini Subfamily Hylaeinae

Subfamily Euryglossinae

Family Andrenidae

Subfamily Andreninae

Subfamily Panurginae


Subfamily Oxaeinae

Family Halictidae

Subfamily Nomiinae

Subfamily Nomioidinae

Subfamily Halictinae


Family Melittidae


Subfamily Meganomiinae

Subfamily Melittinae

Family Megachilidae


Subfamily Megachilinae


Family Apidae

Subfamily Nomadinae

        Subfamily Apinae