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"The Conservation of Bees"

Edited by Andrew Matheson, Stephen Buchmann, Christopher O'Toole, Paul Westrich & Ingrid Williams.
Hardcover edition published in 1996 for the Linnean Society of Long and the International Bee Research Association by Academic Press (Harcourt Brace & Company). Linnean Society Symposium Series Number 18, 254 pp.
ISBN 0-12-479740-7

"The Forgotten Pollinators"

By Stephen L. Buchmann & Gary Paul Nabhan
Foreword by Edward O. Wilson
Published by Island Press, Covelho, CA and Washington, D.C.
Hardcover edition 1996. ISBN 1-55963-352-2 (cloth) $27.50, 292 pp.
Paperback edition, 1997. ISBN 1-55963-353-0 (pbk) $16.95
Winner of the 1997 PMA/Benjamin Franklin Award for Science and the Environment
Los Angeles Times Book Award for Science, 1997
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Selected Scientific Journal Publications by S. Buchmann and coauthors.

Please Note- This not a complete listing of my scientific publications. As I work on this section of my homepage, it will be completed as abstracts are added to more publications. Eventually, this will hold a complete archive of all of my published papers and books as asci text files and Adobe .pdf files.

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