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  Steve's childhood passions led him to advanced scientific training and degrees culminating in a Ph.D. in Entomology (the study of insects and other arthropods) at the University of California at Davis near Sacramento. He has authored or co-authored three books and more than 150 scientific publications. His research focuses on buzz pollination, pollinator management (especially the genus Osmia) and pollinator conservation and restoration ecology in the United States and other countries 

In 1996/97 he wrote the best-selling non-fiction book "The Forgotten Pollinators" with co-author Dr. Gary Paul Nabhan, Director of the Sustainable Environments Program at Northern Arizona University. The book is currently being translated into Spanish and Japanese language editions. Along with Nabhan, Steve co-founded and directed the Forgotten Pollinators Campaign during late 1994 in Tucson, a tri-national (U.S., Canada and Mexico) public awareness and educational outreach campaign to recognize, protect and conserve threatened pollinators and native and native plants around the world. The mission of The Forgotten Pollinators Campaign is ongoing, served by The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum and The Bee Works. Steve is also a member of the steering committee for the "National Pollinator Protection Campaign", a project sponsored by the Coevolution Institue of San Francisco and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation in Washington, D.C. 

Steve recently served as Associate Producer for "Pollinators in Peril" a one hour television nature documentary sponsored by Turner Original Productions (broadcast on TBS in March '00) and the National Wildlife Federation. He appeared alongside celebrity host/narrator Peter Fonda in the show which gave a worldwide look at the decline in pollinators. 

Steve has traveled around the world in search of bees and other pollinators (to Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, England, Germany, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Sweden) for his research and to create educational materials for students and teachers. 

Before founding The Bee Works, Steve was a Research Entomologist with the USDA-ARS Carl Hayden Bee Research Center in Tucson, AZ. He is also a Senior Research Associate with the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum (Tucson) and with the Department of Entomology, American Museum of Natural History in New York City.  Steve is also an adjunct professor in the Entomology Department and the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department at the University of Arizona in Tucson. 

Look at Steve's abbreviated c.v. for a list of research publications and book chapters.  Or look at a more extensive list of book chapters and publications here

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