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  Diana Cohn became passionate about bees while doing research for a radio documentary for Pacifica Radios' national magazine, "Democracy Now"  on the pollination crisis in America. In the process of doing this documentary,  she interviewed Steve about the Forgotten Pollinators Campaign which began a conversation that lasted for two years about the alternative pollinator options given the rapid decline in the honey bees populations. 

                                                                                                                               Through this dynamic  interplay of ideas between Steve and Diana, the concept of a new social and environmentally responsible business was born. Together, they co-founded The Bee Works in Tucson, Arizona. 

In addition to the critical role that pollinators play in food and fiber production, Diana is also interested in the sacred place of the bee in mythology and human history. She currently works full-time as the Senior Program Officer for Economic Justice and Globalization at the  Solidago Foundation based in New York City. 

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